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wp9103c55c 06new51wpfe2e4ab8 06new101Hope Target Tuberculosis is partnering with AKS Hope, a small community based organization. We work in the entire Dehradun area. The DOTS (Direct Observe Treatment Short) program started with few centers where people get a six month treatment with the required medicine. Medicines are provided by the hospitals and given to the patients by Asha workers in the dots centers. The Project has been initiated to reduce the burden of TB in the slums. Supporting partners are State UK, RNTCP, Union, STOP TB, Target TB & Raphael.

wp9103c55c 06new53wpfe2e4ab8 06new103Hope Free Medical Camps are organized in the Community we serve in order to reach out to the underprivileged community. The society has been helping the community to get free medical aid and checkups so that they can grow in hygiene and health and go on to build a healthy environment in the city. Supporting partners are AKS Germany, Govt. Departments, HCH, CHGN Partners, ASRA the Helping Hand. Supporting partners are CCF & CHGN.


wp9103c55c 06new54wpfe2e4ab8 06new104Hope ‘Asha Ki Kiran’ Project is responding to the needs of HIV infected & affected children in the community. Through this project the children who are up to the age of 18 are supported by giving of the school syllabus/ stationary, Uniform and travelling expenses to and fro from the school. In it to join in the livelihood project the HIV infected & affected adults are also provided with different things like- Sewing Machines, Vegetable rickshaws etc to help them be self sustained and not to be dependent on others. Supporting partners are USACS and Tear UK.


wp9103c55c 06new55wpfe2e4ab8 06new105Hope CCSS & CCC provides a range HIV series including care, treatment & support depending on the progression and stage of the HIV infection. Medical services, opportunistic Infection, (OI) diagnosis & treatment, ART Adherence, Referral- or linkages, Education & Home base center call of bedridden patient, Infection prevention, hygiene & Sanitation, shelter & protection, Linkage to respite home & orphans care, Reintegration family, Advocacy against stigma, Positive prevention, I, prophylaxis, Health seeking behavior, positive attitude, psychological support including counseling, life skill counseling are all provided at the CCCs. Supporting partners are NACO, USACS, Global Fund, World Bank, Clinton Foundation, HLFPPT, HIV/AIDS India.

wp9103c55c 06new56wpfe2e4ab8 06new106RAD Tool Survey (Prevalence & Program) The Rapid Assessment of Disability surveys in Uttarakhand provide empirical evidence that people with disability have poor access to rehabilitation services, health care, educational opportunities and government social welfare services compared to people without a disability. Further developments of key models are being prepared for interlinking local DPOs and local service providers for rehabilitation, assistive devices and health care services.  It’s done in Partnership with CHGN-UKC, PHFI, CBM, and NOSSAL in the state of Uttarakhand.

wp9103c55c 06new57wpfe2e4ab8 06new107Hope ICTC Project is the Integrated counseling and Testing Centre for HIV testing in PPP Mode started with USACS. Under this project people are tested if they have TB and then sent for counseling. Here they are advised to start their treatment and are given awareness about HIV/AIDS & TB and the precautions and care they are to take in their lives. Supporting partner is USACS.

wp9103c55c 06new58wpfe2e4ab8 06new108Hope Midday Meal Program Provides  mid day meal for Hope Academy, street children of the area.Our Meals are rich in protein and vitamins as most of them suffer from this deficiency. Providing a nutritious meal keeps them healthy and active. Supporting partner is AKS Germany.

wp9103c55c 06new60wpfe2e4ab8 06new110Hope Teen & Adolescent Health is the program to bring awareness & help to the young adults & people in the community of Madrasi colony. The disadvantages of smoking and chewing pan, tobacco, charas etc. are brought into their knowledge by different meetings held amongst them. Supporting partner is AKS Germany.

wp9103c55c 06new60wpfe2e4ab8 06new110Hope TI Program a program to halt and reverse HIV infection among FSW (Female Sex Workers) from Dehradun. Supporting partner is USACS- NACO Govt. of India.


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Nari Niketan [Supporting the Operationalization & Providing- Services at Nari Niketan (Mental Asylum) where services are provided to women with psychosocial disability] MoU between Department of Social Welfare- Government of Uttarakhand & Herbertpur Christian Hospital Society, Uttarakhand.


AKS ‘Hope Project’ Operates on Values of Trust, Transparency, Equality and Accountability

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emailnew  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
emailnew  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
emailnew  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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