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wp3dfc4fc7 06new31wpa7cae9eb 06new81Hope Project Burans is the partner of “Burans Project” running in Uttarakhand  in Partnership with CHGN -UKC,EHA. Burans has 4 components : Building Community awareness and detection of people with mental disorders, Primary mental health care services, Community Based Rehabilitation to build skills of people with mental disorders and the wider community, Advocacy/ The focus of the program is on 3 wider disorders- Depression, Psychosis, Anxiety Disorder. The project staffs make awareness meetings, conduct meeting with the village Pradhan and raise the community elders to raise awareness on mental Health issues. Supporting Partners are EHA  Main & CHGN Partners of Uttarakhand.

wp3dfc4fc7 06new32wpa7cae9eb 06new82Hope Non-communicable Chronic Disease Awareness Program meetings are conducted for the community and Schools to educate them and make them aware about non-communicable chronic diseases, what the symptom is and how they can be prevented.  This program has helped many people to become aware of how they can take care of themselves, take regular medications upon the advice of the doctor and go for regular check-ups.There are differents groups formed in schools, universities and women groups in community levels.Supporting partners are CCF & CHGN.

hope-communityhope-community1Hope Community Health Development & HIV/AIDS Awareness Program is a target intervention project for underprivileged community. Society is doing HIV/AIDS awareness among the community people and tell them how to prevent from this dreadful disease. Society always tries to improve the health status of community people especially the children and do health checkup regularly  also give emergency medical aid & training to local health worker. Now the people and children are taking care of themselves. Many families had been provided emergency medical aid. Society also organizes Medical Camps, TB Diagnosis Camp, STD/HIV/AIDS Awareness Training camps, and Adolescent program for young boys and girls, DOTS Provider Training etc. and other in the Health Sector. Supporting Partners are AKS Germany, Apollo, USACS.

wp5cce47b3 06new34wpa7cae9eb 06new84Hope Tobacco Awareness & Cessation Program is an anti-smoking campaign is being run in the Madrasi colony and in others parts of the uttarakhand state.A youth brigade has been formed, who have been trained to encourage the people of this community, especially the youth, to stay away from smoking and drugs. Supporting partner is AKS Germany.

hope-awarenesshope-awareness2Hope Awareness program aims to achieve the good health status among the community, especially geographically, slum women of child bearing age and children under 5. Society promotes in health policies, financing, mechanism and basic services while enabling community to adopt effective health practices. We plan to support intervention that build to institutional capacity of health system. Promoting policy, dialogue & mechanism to develop & sustain health system. We emphasize on measure which focuses on educating women’s & girls and enabling families to adopt appropriate Hygiene practices. In addition well support testing & increment of income generation strategies that allow household & communities to acquire better matrimonial status. Particularly that of women & children also to build and maintain sanitation. Environmental problems are complex and very difficult to solve even the smallest step in the right direction has positive implication for rich and poor alike Health education & capacity development program can help to raise awareness of environmental issues & encourage people to manage to change in the best interest of the community.

wp5cce47b3 06new36wpa7cae9eb 06new86Hope Counselling centre for Drug Addicts & Alcoholics is to provide Holistic healing to addicts and their families and to facilitate their reconciliation and integration in society. Here in the community people are given Counselling services for persons undergoing addictive behavior such as Gambling, Sex addiction including pornography etc. Awareness programs are done in schools, colleges, communities as well. Supporting partners is AKS Germany.

AKS ‘Hope Project’ Operates on Values of Trust, Transparency, Equality and Accountability

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emailnew  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
emailnew  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
emailnew  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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